Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Eddie Li, a philomath currently living in London. My current interests include life sciences (particularly bioinformatics and neuroscience), mental health and game making. I'm currently working at a biotech startup as a software engineer.

In my spare time, I like to unwind to bouldering, music, writing and reading.

Getting in Touch

You can reach me at eddie at xiaodi.li if you are interested in collaborating on a project.

(I'm also on Twitter)


This website is mostly generated using a combination of marked, mustache and orgmode wrapped up in some custom build and deployment scripts.

The fonts used are DejaVu Sans Mono (navigation), Droid Serif (headings) and Open Sans (body).

The primary colours used are #1695A3 (blue), #EA2E49 (red) and #F0F0F0 (beige).


Xiao Di Li (潇迪李) is my given name, but no one calls me that - not even my parents! I go by my nickname 阿迪 (pin yin: ā dí), which is phonetically transcribed into 'Eddie'.

Why keep the original name around? Firstly, it allows for this handy domain hack. Secondly, I recently discovered that '潇' means 'light', or 'ethereal', which is pretty neat.

Finally, I do think there is something profound about what your given name represents: it is a symbol bestowed upon you by society, recognising your existence; a cultural product culminating from the immemorial dance of nature and nurture, entwined through the generations. It is the last legacy to be etched onto your being. It is the first word that begins your story.

The rest is yours to write.