Commonly used keybindings for various Adobe software

Table of Contents


Enable keyboard shortcuts

  • <C-k> opens preferences


  • F8 to convert to symbol
  • <C-U> opens up preferences
  • o for oval tool
  • <C-3> zooms until you can see all the symbols
  • <C-1> zooms to 100%
  • <C-2> zooms and focus on the stage
  • <C-l> shows the Library pane
  • <C-F3> shows the Properties pane
  • <C-S-F12> opens up Publish Settings
  • <A-S-F12> to publish


  • F4 shows/hides the current panel
  • <C-A-t> shows the timeline
  • F5 inserts frames
  • <C-F5> deletes frames
  • F6 converts to keyframe
  • <S-F6> converts to regular frame
  • F7 inserts blank keyframe

Flash JavaScript

  • Bring up the command history panel with F-10
  • Save a command (as .jsfl).
  • Commands are saved here: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS6\en_US\Configuration\Commands
  • To print to the console, use fl.trace('insert text here'). This only takes one argument, unfortunately.

Loading up arbitrary files with Flfile (from

var pathToFile = "file:///c|Users/Eddie/Documents/scrap/textfile.txt" 
var myFile =;
if (myFile) {
} else {
    fl.trace('file not loaded');


  • L for drawing an ellipse
  • K to live paint a selection of lines
  • H for hand tool (moving around the art board)
  • V for selection tool
  • E for free transform tool (rotate, skew etc.)
  • <C-S-F11> to show symbols
  • <C-S-F9> to show the pathfinder. Use the divide tool to create more objects
  • Alt + Drag to duplicate an object


  • Panning - use the hand tool for this - either hold down Space or press h

  • Zooming - either Ctrl + -/+, or Alt + MouseScroll

  • Undoing - seems that Ctrl+Z toggles between undo and redo. To go backwards and forwards, use:

    • Step forward: Shift+Ctrl+Z
    • Step backward: Alt+Ctrl+Z

Pixel Drawing

  • Use the brush tool, by setting the size to 1.
  • Use the pencil tool - can show this in the flyout menu of the brush tool. Either that, or toggle it with Shift+B.
  • To fill in large swathes of the pixels, use the paint bucket tool with the tolerance set to zero, and with the anti-aliasing disabled.