Raster manipulation tool.

Table of Contents

Handy Bindings

  • <Tab> to toggle clear view (same in Tiled)
  • <Shift-b> for bucket (fill)
  • o for inkdropper tool
  • <Cmd-S-l> to convert a selection to a floating layer (drops down to the previous layer once moved with the mouse) to move it around
    • <Cmd-h> drops the floating layer again
  • <Cmd-b> to view Toolbox
  • <Cmd-l> to view Layers
  • <S-e> for eraser
    • Enable hard edge so that individual pixels can be erased cleanly. Also, set size to 1
  • <S-f> to flip a sprite
    • Default is vertically
  • m to move a selection or layer
    • By linking layers, they can be moved simultaneously (you can resize the layers to the canvas again after)
  • For the paintbrush tool, use p
  • Open up the toolbox with <Cmd-B>
  • Pencil tool can do hard-edge (n)
  • <E> for eraser
  • <Shift-o> for selecting by colour
  • r selecting by rectangle

Double click on a tool in the toolbox to open up tool options for it


Affected area fill can be toggled to fill whole selection/fill similar colours

Set threshold to 0 for pixel art


  • Hold <Cmd> to temporarily enable eyedropper



  • Change size of canvas with Image → Canvas Size...
    • Make sure you either create a new layer with the updated size, or resize the layer (rescale layer, layer to image size)
  • Configure the grid to be the number of pixels a tile takes up (Image → Configure Grid)
    • Then, View → Show Grid to see it
  • Export with <Cmd-e>