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  • Snap panel is located at the very right.
  • Snapping midpoints of bounding box edges is useful
  • Tiled grouping is really cool
  • <C-Click> to click into groups
  • Access Preferences with <C-A-p>
    • Added <C-S-v> to view objects
  • <Space> when in selection mode stop
  • Add a tablet
    • Edit → Input Devices

Node Manipulation

Clicking on a node reveals its handlebars

  • <F2> selects the node editing tool ('Edit paths by nodes')
    • Make sure the path you're editing is selected
  • <C-A-Click> creates and removes nodes

Exporting doesn't quite work

  • Select object to export
  • Copy to fresh document
  • Open Document Properties (<C-S-d>)
  • Resize page to drawing/selection
  • Ungroup all. Object to Path, Stroke to Path
  • Save as Optimised SVG

Key Bindings

These seem to be consistent across Macs and Windows (i.e. no remapping of Ctrl to Cmd)


  • <C-d> on a selection to duplicate (copies via value)
  • <C-c> <C-v> on a selection to copy and paste (copies via value)
  • <C-A-d> on a selection to duplicate (copies via reference)
  • <C-A-v> pastes in place
  • With a shape (e.g. circle) and text selected, you can wrap the text around path (text → put on path)
  • Holding shift and clicking on the cross sign will remove a stroke
  • When dragging a simple shape, hit <space> to duplicate


  • Hold down <Space> to move the page about
  • 1 zooms to original size
  • 2 zooms to double size
  • 3 zooms into the selection
  • 4 sees everything
  • + zooms out
  • - zooms in


  • <C-S-a> for Alignment panel
    • Useful variation is to use the dropdown to select relative to 'last selected'
  • <C-S-o> for Object properties
    • Can change an object's ID, label or give it a title node
  • <C-S-p> opens Preferenes
  • <C-S-d> opens Document properties
    • Change mm to pixels here
  • <C-S-t> for Text panel
  • <C-S-l> for Layers panel
  • <C-S-l> for Objects panel
  • <C-S-f> for Fill and Stroke (i.e. colour)
  • <C-S-w> for Swatches


  • <C-g> to group
    • Enter the group by double clicking (All new shapes, paths etc. will be created in that group)
  • <C-S-g> to ungroup


  • <S-d> to look at the original of a clone
  • <A-d> to create a clone
  • <PgUp> to move selected object up in z-index (or <Fn-↑> on Mac)
  • <PgDown> to move selected object down in z-index (or <Fn-↓> on Mac)
  • <Home> to move selected object to the top of z-index (or <Fn-←> on Mac)
  • <End> to move selected object to the bottom of z-index(or <Fn-→> on Mac)

Shape manipulation

  • <F4> for rectangles and squares
    • When making buttons, make sure to turn off scaling border radii with rectangle

Vector manipulation

  • <C-F2> for the connector tool
    • If the centres aren't showing up, make sure they aren't on top of any other shapes or object.
  • <F5> for circles
  • <F6> for freehand pen
  • <C-F6> for freehand calligraphy
  • <S-F6> for Bezier curves and straight lines (click, then right click to end path)
  • <F7> for the eyedrop tool
  • <F8> or t for the text tool.
    • To create a box that flows with width, make sure you draw a rectangle with it instead of just clicking on a page
  • Convert flowRoot to text with Text → Convert to Text
  • I don't think these are always true:
    • Object To Path breaks down the object so that it has a stroke property only
    • Stroke To Path breaks down the stroke so that it has a fill property only

Installing Fonts

  • For MacOS, copy these over to ~/Library/Fonts (or install them after opening the font file)


Known Bugs