Table of Contents


  • Use the return mode to change the behaviour of what happens to the playhead after pausing in the song/track editor:
    • Go back to beginning
    • Go back to initial playhead position
    • Maintain position
  • Loop points:
    • Right click to set end position
    • Middle click (or shift-right click) to set start position


  • Equaliser
  • Calf Reverb
    • Decay time
  • StereoEnchancer
  • Bitcrush - good for creating lofi - downgrades quality. Good to remove high frequencies before doing this
  • Delay/Calf Vintage Delay
  • TAP/Vibrato - good for lofi again
  • Calf MultiChorus
  • C* Phaser

Song Editor

  • Segments can be renamed for labelling convenience
  • Segments can be copied by dragging while holding <Ctrl>


  • <Space> to play/pause on the song editor
  • <F5> shows/hides song editor
  • <F6> shows/hides beat/bassline editor
  • Left click to select start position if looping
  • Right click to select end position if looping


Piano Roll


  • Access with <F7>
  • Use the Triple Oscillator as the default input
  • <S-Scroll> to pan horizontally
  • Right click a note to remove
  • To select all notes, press <C-a> and then <Ctrl>
  • Adjust note velocity at the bottom
  • <S-d> for draw mode
    • Notes can be moved in this mode
  • <S-e> for erase mode
  • <S-s> for select mode
  • To do triplets, you can switch to 1/12 quantisation/beat input
  • When recording from keyboard, you can:
    • Turn out quantisation to 1/192 (necessary)
    • Enable metronome
    • Turn down tempo to input more accurately